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Mum @ Worldbar, Friday June 17th

Written by Tom Peachy on June 15, 2011

Whoever told you it was too cold outside to party on the weekend was a fool and a liar. The World Bar is being decked out with a real fireplace and heating on the Terrace to ensure you peeps stay warm enough to get appropriately loose and enjoy the house party style rager that is MUM every Friday night through winter.

This week after dropping some fresh demos, Bird Automatic comes in for a landing on our stage for the first time in a long while. In the same family of soul-warming indie pop, we have borrowed Kins from Melbourne to support along with The Dead Heads and We Are Grace on our main stage. The Bordello will be guaranteed to be more like a house fire than a house party, the Bordello will be sparked by Flights and The Company. Then, as always, MUM DJ’s will take it through till dawn playing whatever the damn hell they want, which without fail always includes indie, remix, pop classics, hip hop and anything they can to keep you twirling on the dance floor.

Mum @ Worldbar, Every Friday Kingscross

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