Muse Announce New Album, The Resistance

Those lovably excessive sons of UK prog have confirmed the release date for their fifth album. Amusingly titled The Resistance (nice talk from a band singed to a major) the album will be released on 14th September. The band is currently adding finishing touches to the album which they have self-produced in Italy and is currently being mixed by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent (Massive Attack, U2, Oasis).

We all know the last album was a bit shit, having traded the dirt, grit and drive of Absolution and Origin Of Symmetry, replacing it with poorly thought out theatrics, overly dramatic vocals and guitar sections that brought back nightmares of Yes. However even though the album makes me cringe even before I hear it, there were definitely moments of brilliance peppered amongst the delusions of grandeur.

What I’m waiting to see form this next album is whether they’ve reined in all the masturbatory prog indulgences or whether they’ve pulled a Mars Volta and dissapeared so far up their ass we’ll never see them again.

Either way they couldn’t have picked a better time to release the album (other than 20 years ago when people still bought CDs instead of using fucking iTunes), as the tickets to their November UK tour flew out of the box office like a politician when the pub opens, selling out all 85,000 tickets in less than half an hour. The UK leg will kick off at the Sheffield Arena on November 4th and finish with two nights at London’s 02 Arena. The UK arm has been left to it’s own devices

It goes without saying though that fans of the band can expect an ambitious and powerful show from these three sonic wizards as even when making  questionable music they alwyas deliver mammoth live shows.

They were the first band to play the newly built Wembley Stadium back in 2007, where the 140,000 lucky fans in attendance were treated to the band rising from the middle of the venue, floating acrobatics, giant exploding balloons and of course, a spleen shatteringly powerful set from one of the most excessively theatrical bands working today.

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