Most Music Fans Prefer Live Concerts Over Sex, Study Finds

Live entertainment company Live Nation has shared a new global study dubbed ‘The Power Of Live’ and the results are, well, interesting.

For one thing, the 22,500 punters polled were found to be “10 per cent more likely to value live music over sex”.

To this, we say:

The entertainment giant teamed up with research agency Culture Co-op to study the “trends and behaviours” of live music fans from 11 different countries, aged between 13 and 65 (we’re assuming they didn’t ask the under-agers the sex question, though), and their findings also suggested that, in the digital age, people actually value live music experiences more than ever before.

73 per cent of participants stated that “now, more than ever, they want to experience real life rather than digital life”, while 71 per cent agreed that “the moments that give them the most life are live music experiences”.

When asked to reflect upon a recent live music experience and rate how emotionally intense they felt, 78 per cent of respondents said they “felt high emotional intensity”, which other music media experiences just didn’t stack up to.

Punters reported feeling less emotionally intense while streaming music (-27 per cent) or while playing video games (-31 per cent).

The researchers also conducted a “biometric experiment” which studied fans “in their element” at a live gig, and found that — even after the encore — participants had a mood increase five times greater than how they felt before the show.

In a statement, Live Nation Australasia CEO Roger Field said, “The findings from ‘The Power of Live’ prove that live music is more important now than ever before, with fans in Australia and around the world believing live music is one of the most powerful human experiences and one of the best ways to cure digital overload.

“The findings are consistent with the growing demand for concerts and festivals that we see locally and around the world.”

You can find out more facts and methodology info on Live Nation’s study right here.

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