Music Feeds LIVE: Kathryn Rollins Streaming This Tuesday

“I’d written a lot of ‘angsty guitar songs’ in my time,” says Kathryn Rollins. Indeed, the young Melbourne-via-Fremantle singer-songwriter is perhaps best known to fans for tracks like 2012’s delicate and memorable Who Shot The Bird Down?, with its finger-picked guitar and lilting vocals.

But this rising star has made an ambitious and surprising leap forward with the release of her latest single, Cut & Paste It, which was inspired in equal parts by Kathryn’s MIDI keyboard as it was by the works of electronic and pop luminaries like Grimes, Ta-ku, Zebra Katz, Le1f, and even Beyonce.

With its bouncy, stick-in-your-head hook and brooding atmosphere, Cut & Paste It takes no prisoners and serves as a personal statement of Kathryn Rollins as an artist. “I wanted to be empowered, to present something really confident and celebrate growth and excitement,” said Kathryn of the track.

Adventurous, talented, and impossible to pigeonhole, fans now have a chance to see Kathryn Rollins in a utterly unique and intimate setting. Just tune in right here around 3:00pm this Tuesday, 15th July when the inimitable Kathryn Rollins makes her way into Music Feeds Studio for what’s sure to be an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind performance for the latest instalment of Music Feeds LIVE.

Watch: Kathryn Rollins – Cut & Paste It

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