Music Feeds presents “Cabin Fever”

Tired of the same old clubs and DJs every weekend? Feel the need to go crazy but find yourself in a room full of pretentious wankers? Beginning to feel as though the weight of the world is pressing down on your shoulders and crushing you into a shadow of the man you used to be? Sounds like you need a dose of Cabin Fever.

Launching on Saturday the 29th of August at Sydney’s unrivaled house of filth and excess The Abercrombie Hotel Cabin Fever is a monthly party night with Bands till midnight and DJs till we all black out. If you want to go out on a Saturday night and not have to go to a club, but by the same token don’t want to get kicked out at Midnight, get your bony ass down to Cabin Fever at The Abercrombie or we’ll sick Nicholson on you.

Saturday the 29th of Aug will see inner west indie heavy weights Made In Japan bring their kinetic mix of rocking indie pop to the courtyard with support from twisted ‘fuckabilly’ sonic pioneers Day Of The Meerkat, synthed out rythmn junkies Foveaux and up and coming laid-back Strokes inspired outfit The Future Prehistoric. Also on offer are a range of party DJs with Jo Le Fro set to spin the place into a frenzy of flailing limbs, M.I.T taking the late slot (let’s hope he’s not too drunk to play) and Thirsty Dedds and Erectro getting the party pumping while BFG brings the chill.

$10 Entry gets you free food and access to the whole world of entertainment held within.

[youtube NV4xo_rF-oo]

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