Music Festivals Are Good For Your Health, Says Science

If you’re lucky enough to have snagged tickets to this year’s Splendour In The Grass festival, or one of those Soundwave Secret Society memberships then congratulations Quickdraw McGraw, you now have another reason to feel superior to the rest of us ticketless shmoes.

Because it turns out music festivals like Splendour and Soundwave, as well as making you one of the bonafide kewl kids, are also actually pretty good for your general levels of physical health and wellbeing.

According to science, as enacted by a tech company called Withings, music festivals are great places to burn kilojoules. In fact, the average punter burns off over a staggering 37,656 kJs, and walks over 24 kilometres, across a standard three-day music event.

As Metro reports, the average festivalgoer will spend up to eight hours dancing per day, burning an average of 1,670-2,930 kJs during each act.


The academic findings likely don’t take into account the accompanying greasy burger binges or beer benders that tend to offset the physical exertion levels at some music festivals, but far be it from us to question good science.

As long as you’re not chowing down on one of your old festival wristbands, we reckon you’re probably winning at health.

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