Neil Finn Hits Back After Local Resident Complains About Crowded House’s Sydney Opera House Gig

UPDATE 27/11/16: Neil Finn has had one last dig at ‘The Toaster’ complainers at Crowded House’ fourth and final Sydney Opera House ‘Encore’ show.

ORIGINAL STORY: Crowded House were inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame on Wednesday night, and last night played the first of four huge open-air concerts on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

It was an impressive show, but some nearby residents weren’t too pleased about all the noise. That hasn’t fazed the band’s Neil Finn, though.

Earlier this month, the Sydney Opera House was reportedly engaged in a battle with wealthy residents from a Bennelong apartment known as “The Toaster”, which includes outspoken radio shock jock Alan Jones. The self-dubbed ‘Sydney Opera House Concerned Citizens Group’ have been griping about increase in open-air concerts that creates a “harsh visual impact” on the concert and disturbs their sleep with “noise and disruption”.

One such Toaster-dweller decided to take things up directly with Neil Finn following Crowded House’s Thursday night concert, during which the singer-songwriter proclaimed, “Let’s wake up Alan Jones,” and told the crowd to sing as loud as they could in order to “keep Sydney open”.

Incorrectly thinking that Finn’s words had something to do with Jones’ views on Sydney’s lockout laws (of which Jones isn’t a fan), a Twitter user thought they’d call Finn out, but the legendary frontman wasn’t about to be silenced, contesting that Jones had been writing to stop concerts at the Opera House.

The Twitter user then admitted they are a resident of the “The Toaster”, and followed that up with something about Finn supposedly wanting to live in the Toaster as well. Predictably, Finn’s response was absolute perfection.

Another Twitter user leapt to the defence of Jones in a now-deleted tweet, confusingly contesting that Jones wouldn’t mind the concert as long as it could take place without anyone having to set up or pack up the stage. Finn disagreed, suggesting maybe it was “The Toaster” that’s the eyesore.

Finn, ever the gentleman, then wished all nearby residents nearby, and said he hoped they “might be enjoying the music”.

Crowded House play on the Sydney Opera House Forecourt for the next three nights as part of their ‘Encore’ series of shows.

UPDATE 26/11/16: Alan Jones’s mates have hit back again at Neil Finn’s comments at the Sydney Opera House gig.

Gallery: Crowded House – Sydney Opera House Forecourt 24.11.16 / Photos: Maria Boyadgis

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