Nero Slams Coachella: ‘Our Experience Has Been Pretty Shocking’

British electronic group, Nero, have hit out at the Coachella organisers for moving their set time 20 minutes forward for the second leg of the festival. The group, who are currently performing at Coachella at this very moment, issued a statement via their Facebook page expressing their anger at having to perform in daylight:

“We were promised a night time slot when we accepted the offer to play, the week before that turned into a daylight start, dusk middle and night time end. Moving us 20 minutes forward will result in the majority of our show being in the day light…The organisation of this festival has been quite a suprise to us and not what we expected from what is hailed as one of the best festivals in the world. I won’t go into too many details other than to say overall our experience of the festival this year has been pretty shocking.”

UK DJ Feed Me suggested that the set times had been changed because Sweedish DJ, Avicii, didn’t want to play at the same time as Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg and have to compete with the Tupac hologram juggernaut. Avicii denied these claims and isn’t impressed saying “You should get your facts straight before posting blatant lies on Twitter.”


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