New 360 Track Features Guest Vocals From Daniel Johns?

It’s a collaboration that would be straight out of left field, but according to the clues in a video recently posted by 360, Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns has lent his stunning vocal abilities to a forthcoming single set to feature on Sixty’s highly anticipated new album.

It hasn’t been confirmed, but a cheeky clue at the end of the clip hints ‘Golden Table’… “Golden Table”, “Silver Chair” – see what we’re getting at? The clip is filled out with a somewhat amusing audio recording of Sixty trolling a telemarketer, before even he gets over it and ends the call. Following that is a quick snippet of a brand-new track, dubbed Impossible, which strong emphasis being drawn to a section featuring guest vocals.

At the end of the day, the falsetto could belong to any number of artists, so we will most likely have to wait for either a slip up, official confirmation or slyly leaked info before we can lock in John’s involvement. It would be so sweet though, right?

Sixty’s Falling & Flying is still getting some serious love via radio, and headphones since it’s release in 2011. The record proved to be a doozy of a debut, topping charts left right and centre and scoring a plethora of awards and critical acclaim. It looks like it won’t be long before the album has a brand-new sibling. Get keen.

Watch: 360 – Impossible teaser

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