New Brian Jonestown Massacre Album Streaming Now!

Yep, you read that right. The new Brian Jonestown Massacre album, entitled Who Killed Sgt. Pepper, is available as a streaming, Youtube assisted (somewhat) multimedia experience on their website right now.

We broke the news of a new album and upcoming Australian tour a few weeks ago, and we’re stoked to finally hear some new music coming out of the BJM camp. We’re still digesting the new tracks here at the Music Feeds offices, but suffice to say it’s another step forward from a band never satisfied with resting on their laurels.

The more diehard fans might notice that a lot of these tracks have surfaced already in certain Youtube channels, and indeed some are re-imaginings of previously recorded tracks. Newcombe himself first started posting links to some of these songs during his short lived activity on Facebook, while presumably recording the tracks in Iceland. The last we heard before that account was deleted was that Anton was heading to London to finish recording material for the album.

Head over to for the full album, but for now here’s a little teaser. It’s track number 6 on the album, entitled This Is The One Thing We Did Not Want To Have Happen.

[youtube RGdHP6BIisA]

Who Killed Sgt. Pepper will be the tenth official studio album release from the BJM (although there are a few choice bootlegs and unreleased albums floating around the Internet…)

Stay tuned to Music Feeds for full details of the upcoming BJM Australian tour, including the Playground Weekender festival, soon.

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