New Crowdfunded Festival Crafterfest Sets Eyes On Soundwave/Legion Type 2017 Event

Less then two months after supposed Soundwave “replacement” festival Legion announced its attempt to bring a touring heavy music festival to Australia was to be curtailed until 2017, comes another red hot go at a crowdfunded heavy festival, in the form of newly announced Crafterfest, humbly self-named after prominent hardcore vocalist Michael Crafter, who you may know from outfits I Killed The Prom Queen and Confession.

Launched late last night, Crafterfest’s GoFundMe page is now live, promising a multi-day camping festival for fans of Soundwave and Unify style artists with the page stating: “Following the death of Soundwave, a massive void has been left in the Australian festival scene. With newcomers such as UNIFY becoming such a resounding success, it’s clear that Australian heavy music fans still love to party.”

Organisers, who include a partnership with a blog called I Probably Hate Your Band, have tentative plans to host the event in either Adelaide or on the Gold Coast, with a donation of $60 supposedly securing you a ticket to this lineup-less, location-less, date-less 2017 event.

The GoFundMe page has set a goal of $300,000 to get the project off the ground, with the current total at time of writing standing at $75. Just for your information Legion’s failed pozible reached $324,000 of its $3.2 million target, which seems like more than just a coincidence considering the projected Crafterfest goal.

“While still very much in the planning stage,  we can guarantee that if we reach our funding goal, you will have a CRAFTERFEST come next year,” say organisers. “Let’s all rally together to make this happen – any donation, whether $5 or $500, will bring us one step closer to making this a reality.”

If you wish to rally together and help get this new pie-in-the-sky festival off the ground, you can head to their GoFundMe page here.

We wish all involved the best of luck.

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