New Daft Punk Album Released June 2012?

It seems the new Daft Punk album may be released earlier than expected. Songwriter Paul Williams, who has been working with Daft Punk on the album, let slip last night at SXSW that the album could be due out as early as June this year, reports

I have written songs for Daft Punk. This material will appear on their new album, coming maybe June.

Update: New Album Will Not Be Released In June

Funk guitarist and legendary producer Nile Rodgers has been helping them work on their new album. Rodgers, who has worked previously with the likes of Madonna and David Bowie, spoke about the discussion in a recent interview with The Culture Map

“Those guys are great. They’re coming to my apartment on Monday and we’re going to talk about making a new record together.”

This is massive news considering the duo haven’t released a studio album since Human After All 7 years ago. Bring on the touring!

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