New Interview Reveals Metallica May Have Stolen Album Name

Everything really seemed to kick into gear for Metallica after they released …And Justice for All. It was a complex album, one of the best, and also held the track that earned the band’s notorious first video clip service. But did they steal the album name? After a recent interview with Agnostic Front vocalist Roger Miret, it looks a bit that way.

In 1987, Agnostic Front released their album “Liberty and Justice For…” it was 6 months later that Metallica dropped “…And Justice For All”. The timing and the fact that the scene really wasn’t that big back in those days sent many fans into a rage, but Miret has once and for all come out with the facts.

“You wanna know the truth about that? We were in L.A. playing Fenders Ballroom and Kirk Hammett came to the show… we’re just hanging out backstage. And I’m like, ‘Yeah, we’re just out here promoting our new record.’ He goes, ‘What’s your new record?’ And Stig [Agnostic Front guitarist Vinnie Stigma] gave him the record. It was called ‘Liberty And Justice For… Six months later, [Metallica’s] record comes out and it’s called ‘…And Justice For All’. We had it before them… But it’s no big deal.”

That’s right, Miret couldn’t care less about similar album names, and in fact has nothing but praise for Metallica, continuing to state that “Metallica is one of those bands I really always liked lyrically. They talked about a lot of sociopolitical stuff – a lot of good stuff. And they were just stating what we were stating to larger masses. And it’s cool with me – absolutely cool with me.”

So there you have it: it looks as though Metallica didn’t look too far for their album name inspiration. Check out the clip for one below, just because it’s totally awesome and actually on topic.

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