New Jay-Z Album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ Out July

Jay-Z has once again returned from solo-retirement and has announced to the hip hop game that the master is back – set for release internationally on Thursday, 4th July Magna Carta Holy Grail will see a slew of high profile music-makers team up with Hov, and a video teaser/commercial has emerged online which really lives up to its name.

From the brief, but gripping clip we can confirm that Jay will be working with both Rick Rubin and Timbaland for the record. Pharrell Williams seems to be a key feature and Swizz Beatz will be involved also. In Jay-Z’s own words, the album will explore the “duality of how you navigate through success, through failures, and remain yourself,” setting out on a mission to write the rules for the wild, wild west known as the Internet.

No sign of Kanye though… Trouble in paradise perhaps? Maybe he’s too busy watching the throne.

In a bit of an odd but no doubt financially viable move, Jay-Z will be releasing the album in cahoots with Samsung. This deal has resulted in a smartphone app that will be available from next Monday, 24th June and will provide some exclusive content. The album will also be available 72 hours prior to its street date via the app.

You can check out the commercial below, which features some of the new tunage and some of the process behind it.

Watch: Jay-Z + Samsung Magna Carta Holy Grail commercial–ZARCwSIE

(Via CoS)

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