New List Reveals World’s Top 50 Richest DJs Of 2013

After seriously blowing all our minds with their richest DJs list last year, the cats from Celebrity Net Worth have compiled an updated list to highlight The Richest Electronic DJs In The World 2013, listing the 50 wealthiest money-spinners on the planet.

You’ll notice most of those included have nearly doubled their net worth in 12 months, but once again Tiesto takes the crown.
$75 million net is some serious boss money, not unlike his nightly fee of $250,000 for a set. Tiesto is constantly in high demand and reportedly raked in a crazy $20 million last year.

Despite their latest single Get Lucky being streamed more times than any other track on Spotify, runners up on the list are Daft Punk. Collectively they earn $120 million but as individuals, they both just come short of #1 at $60 million each. But, hey, what’s a difference of $15 million, anyway? Like, only 20 Ferrari 599s?

Skrillex doesn’t appear as high on the list as you’d expect despite endless licensing of just about all his tracks. Coming in at #19, Skrill has managed to straight up double his net worth from last year with $16 million in the bank. DJ Pauly D is getting disturbingly popular, with the guy appearing on more and more lists with seriously credible musicians. Regardless of the consequences on society, Pauly pulls in $15 million a year, just $1 million less than Skrillex. Rounding off the list at #50 is Morgan Page with $2 million, which I think most of us would settle for.

Despite what you may think of electronic dance music personally, you can’t argue with the fact – some of the top tier artists can rightfully request between $500,000 and $1 million per show, so don’t totally write off that one guy in your group with decks just yet.

You can scroll through the entire list and their earnings below. Prepare to be flabbergasted.

Top 50 Richest DJs Of 2013

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