New Scientific Study Finds The Key To Making A Hit Song

A new study by the Journal Of Consumer Psychology has found that the more repetitive a songs lyrics are, the more likely the song will be a hit.

The study involved two laboratory test stages followed by in-depth study of Billboard‘s Hot 100 single Chart. The laboratory stages first established how lyrical repetition in a song as “a feature of the stimulus and not the consequence of repeated exposures, results in greater processing fluency.”

But in case that makes zero sense to you, here’s the non-poindexter version – they proved that songs with more repetitive lyrics are easier for us to understand.

Once they’d established that through god-knows-what tests (I’m imagining A Clockwork Orange-esque scenario), the team then moved on to study Billboard‘s Hot 100 singles chart. Analysing the songs first for repetitiveness, then tracking their journey up the chart, the team found that not only do songs with more repetitive lyrics climb the chart faster, the more repetitive your lyrics the more likely your song will debut in the Top 40.


The news promptly shocked nobody.

Test the theory yourself below with The Black Eyed Peas unparalleled piece of repetition My Humps

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