New Study Shows Goth Teens Three Times More Likely To Suffer Depression

An Oxford University study, looking into links between teen sub-cultures and depression, has recently released its results which found that youth who identify as goths are three times more likely to suffer from depression and five times more likely to self-harm.

The study published by Dr Lucy Bowes and her team in The Lancet Psychiatry journal, used the data from 4000 teenagers, taking into account the subcultures they identified with from age 15 and onwards, and found that goth youths are particularly at risk of facing mental health issues.

Although the study doesn’t fully conclude on whether depressed teens become goths or whether goth teens become depressed (the ol’ “what came first, the depression or the spiked writsband?” question) the team who conducted the study believe something called ‘peer contagion’, the transmission or transfer of deviant behaviour from one adolescent to another, within the sub-culture could lead to depression.

“Our study does not show that being a goth causes depression or self-harm, but rather that some young goths are more vulnerable to developing these conditions,” Dr Bowes states on the Oxford University website. “Teenagers who are susceptible to depression or with a tendency to self-harm may be attracted to the goth subculture, which is known to embrace marginalised individuals.”

Elsewhere in the subculture melting pot that is any high school playground are the slightly less at risk ‘skaters’ and ‘loners’, (who self-identifies as a loner tho?) who the study also identifies as having a higher chance of developing depression as an adult.

Those who identify as ‘sporty’ apparently have the least risk, which is great for all those brick shithouse rugby players who use to hold me down and give me Lynx deodarant freezies in the P.E change room. Good work you guys!

The study hopes to be used to target certain teenagers with increased services to mitigate self-harm and depression in youth.

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