Newtown RSL bows to Christians, cancels Black Mass Festival

A sad day for music fans: Newtown RSL has cancelled the Black Mass Festival due to pressure from Christian lobby groups. From the facebook event:

“We deeply regret to inform everyone that the Black Mass festival to be held on the November the 27th has been cancelled. The turn of events that has unfolded in regards to the Black Mass festival has shocked us and filled us with disappointment, anger and sadness. Less than two weeks out from the show The RSL board has pulled the plug on Black Mass Festival. They have blatantly cancelled with no prior notice and with no option of negotiation or compromise. They have sadly bowed under pressure from Christians who have lobbied them to cancel the show.”

What? Protesting Christians have gotten a metal show cancelled in Sydney, Australia, in 2010? How dare they?!

We here at Music Feeds are shocked and disgusted, not only at the so-called people of faith who took it upon themselves to ruin people’s fun, but at the management of Newtown RSL, for being such gutless wonders. Do Satanists protest at Christian rock concerts? No. They have better things to do.

We’re speechless. We’re outraged. We suggest you join the counter-protest campaign. Get more info at the facebook page.

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