Nick Cave Stars In Documentary About His 20,000th Day On Earth

Aussie singer songwriter Nick Cave is to be the subject of 20,000 Days On Earth, a semi-fictional documentary shot in secrecy, which strangely enough, revolves around the events of, um, Nick Cave’s 20,000th day on earth.

The not-doco (noco?) is the project of film-makers Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard and looks at some improvised scenes of Cave doing what Cave would do on a regular day: “writing in his office, having lunch with his main songwriting collaborator Warren Ellis, and visiting the Nick Cave Archive.” He’ll also watch Scarface with his sons, visit a psychoanalyst and give Kylie Minogue a ride in his car. As you do.

Cave told The Guardian he really liked the idea behind the documentary, even though some of the scenes terrified him. “There’s a lovely balance between what’s set up and what’s ad-libbed. Scenarios are set up and then allowed to run in a free, unrehearsed way. There’s something about the way they go about things, you don’t really notice the cameras.”

Forsyth said he wasn’t trying to expose anything about Cave with the project, saying, “The thing that seems so kind of prevalent in contemporary music docs is that they’re all about getting behind something, revealing something, taking away the mask, taking away the myth. The important thing for us was not breaking the mythology.”

20,000 Days On Earth is set for release is 2014.

(via Consequence Of Sound)

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