Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’ Has Been Turned Into A Dr. Seuss Book

Thanks to an internet user with unbelievable creative prowess, Nick Cave‘s iconic song Red Right Hand has been turned into a gloomy Dr. Seuss book.

DrFaustusAU has brilliantly taken the lyrics of the Cave song and fused it with Dr. Seuss’ quirky pictorial style to deliver a book that stands up to Seuss’ greats like Green Eggs And Ham and The Cat In The Hat.

The spooky main character of the book appropriately wears a red glove on his right hand and takes a young boy under his wing. The man with the red right hand acts as a god, man, ghost and guru.

Flip through the book in the gallery, and compare it to Cave’s original song below. Wherever you are, DrFaustusAu, we salute you. Check out more of their excellent artwork here.

Cave recently released a book which he wrote on sick bags, but maybe this will give him the inspiration to turn towards children’s literature.

Gallery: Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand As A Dr. Seuss Book

Watch: Nick Cave – Red Right Hand

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