Nicki Minaj To Make Feature Film Debut In Upcoming Action Flick

News has been made public that producers behind an upcoming feature film The Other Woman are in the final stages of locking Nicki Minaj in to act. By the sounds of the flick, it doesn’t seem as though anything overly-violent or horribly traumatic will happen, which begs the question as to what you’d want her for in a movie anyway.

As it turns out, she’s been selected to play Cameron Diaz’s character’s opinionated assistant, so it shouldn’t be a challenge for Minaj to get into her role. What sounds like a totally unique and stand-alone piece of western film will be directed by The Notebook’s Nick Cassavetes, so the probability for a soul-crushing subplot is fairly high.

The plot seems intricate and gripping, focusing around Diaz, who discovers she is the ‘other woman’ in an affair with another woman’s husband, writes The Guardian, and proceeds to team up with said wife to perform acts of revenge, no doubt with sexy results.

Minaj lent her ‘vocal talent’ to Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, voicing the character of Steffie the mammoth, so I suppose the next step would be a Diaz movie. The Other Woman will start filming later this year.

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