Nikki Sixx Calls “Bullshit” On Rumours Motley Crue Are Working On A “Top Secret” New Album For 2018

It’s been just over a year since iconic degenerates Mötley Crüe played their final ever show before officially breaking up, which in John Farnham Time means they’re about due for a comeback.

Rumours have been swirling this week that The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band are working on a “top secret” “back-to-roots” album and worldwide tour for 2018.

Despite the sleazelords previously signing an actual legal contract never to tour again, multiple music news sites including Nashville radio station 97.1 The Eagle have picked up on a story by bogus news site MediaMass that claims Crüe have as many as eight new songs in the bag and a tour in the works for next year to coincide with the release of a new Netflix biopic based on their batshit four-way autobiography The Dirt.

It reported that “sources” close to the band had confirmed the news, however twice unkillable bass-slapper Nikki Sixx has since called bullshit on it all.

“A radio station recently posted a bullshit article that is getting picked up by the press because the press only wants ‘press’ SAD,” the rocker posted on Facebook. “Motley is not getting back together… I wish the press had more credibility and wouldn’t shit on fans’ feelings… Anything to get someone to click on their website so they can sell advertising… SAD… The press is supposed to report the news, not make up gossip or spread it….”

It comes after he previously confirmed that there was “no chance” of the band ever making another record.

Crue polished off their final tour of Australia back in 2015 after releasing their last OG album Saints Of Los Angeles in 2008.

But, as mentioned above, a Dirt biopic is currently in negotiations to land at Netflix (that part isn’t BS) so fans still have that to look forward to at least.

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