Nine Inch Nails Finally Release Extreme “Snuff” Film ‘Broken’ (NSFL)

Trent Reznor has finally released a 20-minute short film, titled Broken, which was recorded 20 years ago. Broken brings together the music videos from the 1992 Nine Inch Nails EP of the same name and works them between footage of a staged ‘snuff’ film.

Directed by now-deceased Peter Christopherson, of defunct English group Throbbing Gristle, Broken, the film, was never released because of the images it depicts, which includes the victim’s teeth being pulled out with pliers.

Reznor posted the film on Nine Inch Nails’ Vimeo channel with the following message:


“This 1993 short film, directed by Peter Christopherson, collects the videos from the NIN Broken EP and ties them together as a “snuff” film. It was never officially released due to its graphic content, but was leaked in the 90s, and became a widely-traded VHS bootleg. A high quality burnable DVD version has since leaked onto torrent sites.”

The film didn’t last long before Viemo removed it. In reply Reznor took to NIN’s Tumblr page to explain the clip’s disappearance and cryptically remind people they can download the film:

“EDIT: VIDEO REMOVED BY VIMEO. This just wasn’t meant for the masses. There is, however, a certain broad inlet of the sea where the land curves inward, inhabited by people who attack and rob ships at sea, where this video can be downloaded in high quality.”

Of course you could just watch Broken right here on Feeds. Be fairly warned though – watching this kind of thing before lunch pretty much means your chances of functioning normally for the rest of the day are slim.

Watch: Nine Inch Nails – Broken

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