Nine Inch Nails Will Drop “Two New Major” Releases In 2017

Nine Inch Nails are officially back firing on all mother flippin’ cylinders. After dropping a brand new EP down our chimneys just in time for the festive season, Trent Reznor & co will keep shooting out new material like a proverbial machine gun well into the New Year, announcing “two new major works” tipped to drop in 2017.

Speaking with BBC’s Beats 1 Radio, Rezdawgs didn’t exactly go into detail about what said mysterious works might entail, but it sounds a hell of a lot like we can expect more tunes.

“I’m teeing up the next quote I’ll have to live up to, but the idea has been for two new major works come out next year,” the frontman said (via Rolling Stone), clarifying that both would be “under the Nine Inch Nails umbrella”.

The not-so-good news is we should stop holding our breath for an Aussie tour — at least, for now — as the band don’t have any tour plans “in the immediate future”.

“But we are discussing it,” Reznor added (so there is hope).

The singer also shed a bit more light on the surprise news that his longtime collaborator Atticus Ross has been inaugurated as an official member of NIN, saying: “I greatly respect his friendship and talent, and I think we complement each other creatively in a way that is invaluable.”

T-Unit also revealed that the pair have already churned out upwards of 80 different pieces of music over the last few years — much of which has since been scrapped — but he explained that the process allowed him to experiment with everything from “minimalist techno” to a bunch of different production techniques.

Speaking about NIN’s new EP Not The Actual Events — which features contributions from Dave Grohl and more — he added: “A lot of what’s blessed as ‘the cool thing’ feels pretty generic and also feels, a lot of it, like a desperate plea for commercial airplay and success. That combined with just our own worldview and a kind of daydream I was having led to ‘Let’s make a record that feels challenging, and exciting to us …’ I wanted the music to sound kind of ugly and to sound unfriendly not suck you in with a sexy hook.”

Not The Actual Events  marks the industrial lords’ first new release since 2013’s Hesitation Marks. Stream it here, catch Reznor’s full chat with Beats 1 Radio here or blast NIN’s new track Burning Bright (Field On Fire) below.

Listen: Nine Inch Nails — ‘Burning Bright (Field On Fire)’

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