Nirvana Fraud, Courtney Love Obsessed With Missing Millions

Courtney Love has contacted the Editor of Vanity Fair in a bid to find ‘lost Nirvana money’ claiming that Kurt Cobain was defrauded. Love claims that there is missing money that amounts to more than $250 million, stating that there were money problems even while Kurt was alive:

We could never find our money! We had $135,000 in our bank account. They said that if he would go do Lollapalooza he would make $11 million… Do you think Kurt would have killed himself if he had known he had $54 million?

Love states that the unknown people who committed the fraud ‘Won’t be happy till I’m dead’ fearing that people are trying to kill her to cover it up.

Love runs a full-time fraud investigation operation out of her house where assistants make copies and send faxes related to ‘the fraud’. She also has an army of Twitter followers who are involved in helping her get to the bottom of it.

When Vanity Fair spoke to Love’s manager Jonathan Daniel he said:

What’s heartbreaking to me is that she’s very capable of earning seven figures easy without any help from Nirvana right now, but it’s hard for her to work or for others to want to work with her when she’s so consumed with fraud.

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