Noel Gallagher Has Doubled His Asking Price For An Oasis Reunion

Last year Noel Gallagher said that he’d do an Oasis reunion for 10 million pounds (roughly AU$20 million) but now he’s doubled that fee to 20 million pounds (around AU$40 million).

Oasis broke-up in 2009 and despite consistent reunion rumours they are yet to reform even just for one gig and that’s probably because nobody can afford them.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Gallagher said that he would reunite with Oasis “for twenty million quid, one gig,” further asking “that is good money isn’t it?”

Surprisingly, he has “never had that offer from anyone yet.”

He’s upped his price since July last year when he said he’d do it for 10 million pounds, even considering that it would be 5 million pounds after tax.

“You know we’ve never had one serious offer. If there’s any promoters want to put 10 million quid on the table, I’m there. I’d play anywhere,” he told The Mirror.

What he doesn’t seem to be considering is that he’d need to split that price with brother Liam and convince Liam to even do it in the first place. Noel has said that Liam is “a very angry man still”.

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