Normani Gives Powerful & Important Statement On Instagram Regarding Police Brutality

Pop artist Normani has broken her usually sporadic social media presence to give a lengthy, powerful statement on the #BlackLivesMatter protests happening in America right now as well as her thoughts on police brutality.

“I have spent the last few days digesting this atrocity and focusing on giving myself the opportunity to feel every ounce of devastation, betrayal and pain that this senseless act (MURDER) has to forced my community to feel,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I have had literal nightmares of the men in my life being taken from me similar to the video that we’ve all seen…In just these past 3 weeks alone, it has been murder (Ahmaud Arbery) after murder (Breonna Taylor) after murder (George Floyd), and that has only been the ones that have been recorded and told.”

Later in the post, she said “I assume you want us to be content seeing as though we are no longer your property living on your literal plantation.”

Towards the end of her statement, Normani said she was in the anger stage of grieving about the situation.

“I have experienced denial and now I am filled with RAGE, but let me tell you that I will not enter the bargaining, depression or the acceptance stage of grief,” she said.

“I refuse. We will only take receipt of a justice system that is built to protect our lives too. We will only accept a government that has our best interests at heart too. We will be seen as who we are. I am not here for your entertainment. I am not some animal in a cage that you put on display and praise for being articulate but turn around and hunt me for sport.


Read Normani’s full statement below.

Music Feeds stands in solidarity with those working tirelessly to demand change, justice and an end to systematic racism and police brutality. Both overseas and here at home. #BlackLivesMatter

Below is a list of places advocating for said change that we hope you can learn more about, and to donate to if you’re able. 

Donate to the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT

Donate to the Justice fund for David Dungay Junior, an Indigenous man who died in police custody

Donate to Free Her, a campaign to raise funds for incarcerated Indigenous women jailed for unpaid fines

Sign the Justice For George Floyd petition

Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and help post bail for protestors in the US

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