Did Northlane’s Weird Facebook Bot Just Tease A Big Announcement For Tomorrow?

Northlane‘s weird-but-kinda-intriguing Facebook chat bot has spilled a handful of beans today, revealing that “there’s not long to go” and teasing the date 24th March, which (yep) is tomorrow.

Northlane released their chat bot into the wild earlier this month, after teasing something big with a three-minute video titled ‘M E S M E R’. The band later dropped a new single called ‘Citizen’ (which some fans weren’t too happy about), and now their chat bot has jumped back on the hype train.

The bot appears to have sent a number of different messages to its conversation partners today, but many of them include a mention of “24.3”, which could well be an allusion to 24th March.

“Knowledge beckons… There’s not long to go. Did you think you knew it all?” the bot asked us here at Music Feeds, before citing lyrics from ‘Citizen’ and ending its transmission with:

broken bones

of our broken home

weare farfrom free


It’s unclear if tomorrow will see the band release more new music, but a new song (or even album?) announcement certainly seems likely.

Northlane are set to embark on their ‘Intuition’ national tour this May, for a bunch of shows around the country.

Watch: Northlane – ‘Citizen’

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