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The NSW Government Is Scrapping The One Person Per Four Square Metre Capacity Rule

Glorious day to be a New South Wales resident today, as the state government has decided that they’re confident enough in how the state is handling the pandemic that they’re cutting the one person per four square rule for all venues, except gyms and nightclubs.

As reported by multiple media outlets who have reportedly obtained a press release from the Berejiklian government, venues will now adhere to the one person per 2sqm rule, doubling their capacity, from Monday, 7th November.

Gyms and nightclubs will still have to adhere to the 4sqm rule, but will now allow a maximum of 50 people in a single gym class or on a dancefloor at a nightclub.

As for outdoor stadiums and theatres, all capacity rules have been axed for those with structured seating, meaning they can be up to 100 per cent capacity. For those areas with unstructured seating, they’ll still have to adhere to the 2sqm rule.

Outdoor ticketed events will now be able to hold up to 5,000 people. Additionally, indoor theatres can now be up to 75 per cent capacity.

And, as one final bonus, we’ll finally be able to stand up (!) at outdoor venues, though still not indoors.

This news comes as NSW enjoys its 25th day without any locally transmitted cases of coronavirus.

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