Ocean Alley & Fans Forced To Evacuate Canberra Gig Due To Fire

Ocean Alley‘s gig in Canberra on Sunday night was straight fire.

Literally — the whole thing had to be evacuated because of a straight fire.

The funk rockers were performing in front of a full house at Canberra Uni’s UC Refectory when a small blaze reportedly erupted inside a rubbish bin and triggered the smoke alarm.

Luckily, the swift work of fire crews meant everyone was allowed back inside for the band to finish the show after about 20 minutes.

Ocean Alley have taken to Instagram to debrief fans following all the excitement.

“Canberra. Jeez, what a night,” they write.

“We just wanted to say a big thanks to the fire department, the venue, security and all of the crowd on doing such a great job evacuating the building when the fire alarm was tripped.

“You handled it all so well. Glad we got to bring everyone back inside & finish the show! We’ll certainly never forget that.”

In a statement to The Music, a spokesperson for the UC Refectory said, “During the Ocean Alley set there was a small fire that started in a rubbish bin at the venue, the smoke caused the activation of the fire alarm.

“Patrons were evacuated until it was determined that there was no threat to safety. Evacuation and re-entry took about 20 minutes in total and the concert resumed without incident.”

Read Ocean Alley’s post in full, below.

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