Of Mice & Men Release New Single ‘Real’ Featuring Zero Screaming

Orange Country metalcore five piece and John Steinbeck fans Of Mice & Men have just released Real, the second single of their upcoming Cold World LP, and it’s the band’s first scream-free single so far.

The follow up to first single Pain – which as the name suggest featured a healthy dose of screaming – Real sees the band taking a more subdued direction with their sound. And while this is sure to have some metalcore purists up in arms, it’s refreshing to see a heavy band not rely on heavy vocals to achieve the requisite sonic weight.

With the album due for release on Rise Records on Friday 9th September, we’ll have to wait and see if this light-on-the-screaming musical aesthetic is spread across the whole LP.

In the meantime though, why don’t you wrap your ear-holes around the track itself here below.

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