OFF! Announce April Release For New Album ‘Wasted Years’

Punk and hardcore luminaries OFF! have announced the impending release of their new full length Wasted Years, slated to arrive on 11th April via Vice Records.

Since forming in 2010, OFF! have boasted a relentless recording and tour itinerary that has resulted in countless raw, and energising releases and shows. Their brutally direct approach has resulted in a tonnage of critical accolades and a devout fan base.

OFF! were in Australia this time last year for a slot on the Big Day Out and their own run of headlining shows. Shortly thereafter frontman Keith Morris, whose résumé also includes Black Flag and Circle Jerks, reportedly slipped into a diabetic coma after forgetting to eat lunch.

His health now seems to be restored as the band set to work recording the 16 tracks for Wasted Years, live to tape at their practice space. According to the band, each song was recorded as it was written, capturing the “the sonic embodiment of the album’s thematic darkness.”

The full tracklist and album cover, featuring art by legendary Black Flag and Sonic Youth cover artist Raymond Pettibon, can be found below.

OFF! – Wasted Years Tracklisting

1. Void You Out
2. Red White and Black
3. Legion of Evil
4. No Easy Escape
5. Over Our Heads
6. Hypnotized
7. It Didn’t Matter To Me
8. Exorcised
9. Death Trip on the Party Train
10. I Won’t Be a Casualty
11. All I Can Grab
12. Time’s Not On Your Side
13. Meet Your God
14. Mr. Useless
15. You Must Be Damned
16. Wasted Years

OFF! cover art

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