The Official Soundtrack To Your New Favourite Show ‘Stranger Things’ Is Coming Soon

If you’re an ’80s nostalgic who’s already chewed through Netflix’s new A+++ series Stranger Things, then good news! Here’s something to tide you over during the excruciating wait for season 2.

Hold on to your cassette decks, because the sci-fi homage to the 20th century’s most awesome decade is now getting an official soundtrack to match.

The music from the show – which riffs heavily on the work of 80’s synth luminaries like John Carpenter, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder and more – has scored just as much praise as the show itself, and thanks to popular demand, it’s now set for a standalone release.

The disc is composed of tracks by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of Austin band S U R V I V E, and while it’s yet to be given an official release date, you can check out some of what it might have to offer on the group’s official Bandcamp page.

S U R V I V E also have their own new album coming out on September 30th, dubbed RR7349.

And if that’s still not enough, you can also listen to a playlist of rock music that was used in the show over on Spotify.

In case you haven’t already totally devoured it, Stranger Things is a Netflix-original drama series that revels in nostalgia for classic ’80s flicks like The GooniesE.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind and more. 

Sidebar: check out this incredible VHS cover artwork for the show that a super-fan made –

stranger things

*flashbacks forever*

Anyway, it chronicles a 12-year-old boy’s mysterious disappearance in a small Indiana town in 1983. It’s pretty damn fantastic and you should totally watch it right now.

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