Outkast Blow Internet’s Mind With Real Meaning Behind ‘Hey Ya!’

Strap yourself in because Outkast have just splattered the internet’s brain with a truth bombshell, shining a light on the true meaning behind their booty-shaking noughties hit ‘Hey Ya!’

Jumping on board the latest meme trend, the hip-hop duo pointed out that the funky 2004 hip-hop jam’s lyrics are actually sad AF:

If you’ve never taken the time to engage with the meaning behind the song before, Andre 3000 actually wrote it about modern day relationships and how messed up they are.

With lyrics like “If what they say is ‘nothing is forever’ then what makes, then…what makes love the exception?” and “why are we still in denial when we know we’re not happy here”, the hip-hop superstar muses on the trend of staying together in an unhappy relationship out of fear of being alone.

“Y’all don’t want to here me, ya just want to dance” he even quips in the song’s bridge.

Consider us shaken like a polaroid picture.

In other Outkast-related memes, we back this one:

Let ‘Hey Ya!’ hit you different, below.

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