OutsideIn 2013 Releases Timetables And Stage Info

After leaving us with memories of the best festival to happen in 2012, OutsideIn is back for another round this Saturday, 21st September and, with just a few days to go, organisers have unveiled the timeline by which all the events shall unfold. So if you’re the organised one in your crew, hang onto this page.

The day will be in full-swing from 2pm until 11pm, with all the action spread across the Factory floor, down in the Courtyard and, of course, on the main stage of Marrickville’s Factory Theatre. Bad Ezzy, Percy Miracles and Mary’s Basement will be opening their respective stages before a slew of underground, indie, and forward thinking acts. Clashes are unfortunately an unavoidable part of festivals, so you’ll find yourself bounding between stages which is sure to result in some discovering and exploring.

Closing off the event will be Hermitude, Objekt and Mike Who. Fortunately there should be enough time for die-hards to catch at least some of each of the headliners.

Despite headlining act Zomby tapping out of the event, there are still high hopes that OutsideIn will deliver the goods once more. Those who remember last year will know there is always a chance that Radiohead’s Thom Yorke might swing by again as well.

Tickets to the event are no longer on sale, with OutsideIn reaching sold-out status some days ago. For those who have their tickets, the timetable is below.

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