Ozzy Osbourne Is Reportedly Set To Appear In The Ghostbusters Reboot

The all-female reboot of the 80s comedy classic The Ghostbusters was already garnering an obscene amount of excitement online, easily outweighing the meninist piss-babies whinging about their precious feelings being hurt by the latest “feminazi” move, but prepare to get even more boned up for the flick, with news that Ozzy mother fucking Osbourne is set to appear in it.

The Boston Herald reports that The Prince of Darkness was spotted on set of the shoot with a theatre transformed into a metal gig featuring posters outside that advertised a “Rock Revenge Fest featuring Ozzy Osbourne” as part of a “12 Hour Marathon of Metal.”

Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon AND Ozzy Osbourne in one movie? Sign me the fuck up!

The Ghostbusters reboot is due for release July 15 next year and will also feature cameo appearances from original film stars Dan Ackroyd and (supposedly) Bill Murray, with our very own slice of sex on legs Chris Hemsworth as the girl’s receptionist.

Sidebar: this news has also reminded me of that god awful Adam Sandler movie Little Nicky, in which Ozzy Osbourne appeared as himself and bit the head of a dude for some reason my brain has conveniently forgotten. Man that movie was garbage.


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