Ozzy Osbourne Is So Bad With Phones He Once Texted Robert Plant Saying He Lost The Cat

Ozzy Osbourne is great at being a rock star and even a reality tv star but he’s not so great at using technology.

Whether it’s his age (67 years-old) or the fact drugs have scrambled his brain just a little bit, he revealed to Conan O’Brien that he’s “useless” at technology.

He was on Conan promoting a new show World Detour with his son Jack when conversation turned to how technologically illiterate he is.

After admitting that he often ends up sending the wrong message to the wrong person, Jack interjected and said,

“He once sent Robert Plant a text message saying that he can’t find the cat.”

Being one of the biggest rockstars on the planet, the former Led Zeppelin frontman probably doesn’t have much time to concern himself with finding Ozzy’s lost cat and he simply replied to Ozzy, “you can’t find the cat?”

Ozzy actually does have a habit of losing his cat, as Consequence Of Sound pointed out. You can relive an expletive-filled clip of him losing his cat from his reality show The Osbournes below.

Watch: Ozzy Talks Sending The Wrong Message To Robert Plant

Watch: Ozzy Loses His Cat

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