Ozzy Osbourne Faces $27K Bill To Remove Bat Infestation

It seems bats have finally taken their revenge upon Ozzy Osbourne. The winged creatures, which are closely associated with Osbourne thanks to an historic encounter that saw one of their brethren relieved of its head, have reportedly taken up roost in an old barn at Osbourne’s Buckinghamshire estate, putting a stop to the Prince of Darkness’s plans to home renovate.

According to the BBC, the local Council issued the following statement on the matter last year: “Mr. Osbourne cannot convert his listed building until satisfactory surveys and related mitigation, allowing the bats and owls to remain living on the site.”

However, Osbourne has since won a bid to have his winged nemeses removed, but before that can happen, the Blizzard of Ozz must first obtain a pricey bat relocation license, which would allow him to ship them off to a new home. It’s an intricate process, which would see the iconic heavy metal frontman slugged an estimated $27,400.

But, believe it or not, that price tag is far preferable to the risk associated with DIY bat removal. Should Osbourne decide to oust the bats illegally, perhaps using the same technique he employed to dispose of one unlucky bat 33 years ago at a concert in Des Moines, Iowa, he could face a fine of around $7,600 per bat, or six-months behind bars.

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