Ozzy Osbourne Hits Back At ‘Former Manager’ Who Claimed His Marriage Breakup Is A “Publicity Stunt”

A self-described ‘former manager’ of Ozzy Osbourne has gone on the record suggesting that the highly publicised marital drama between Ozzy and wife Sharon is bit a desperate grab to retain relevance. However Ozzy has interjected with a statement that thoroughly undermines the claims.

Stephen Machat didn’t tread lightly when he told Radar Online that “I would put money on a publicity stunt”, going on to suggest it could be a last ditch attempt to plug the now up and running Black Sabbath world tour.

“They’re on a Black Sabbath tour. She would do this in a minute. It’s propaganda. Sharon is clever enough to make a story that the press would read, so all of a sudden he becomes relevant again.”

Machat believes Osbourne doesn’t have it in him to follow through with an affair, nor would he want to, he believes. “He’s not all there,” Machat said. “I would doubt that he had an affair.”

If you feel staging a divorce might not have been terribly good advice from a tour pubicist, you’re not alone. First and foremost, Ozzy has denied that Machat was ever his manager and that they’ve never worked together.

“His representation of this is a categorical lie. I met him when he was hanging around the music industry in the early ’80s, but haven’t seen him in at least 30 years. He’s a sad delusional relic from the ’80s.”

Early last month Sharon Osbourne confirmed Ozzy had indeed been kicked out of their marital home but did not address unconfirmed rumours about Ozzy having an affair.

“He’s given me unbelievable light, he’s given me three gorgeous children. You know I love him,” she said. “We’re talking, I spoke to him last night. I’m not with him, but I speak to him.”

To be fair, the whole drama did happen to erupt a suspiciously short amount of time after Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Lemonadegate, maybe the Osbourne’s are trying to create a metal adaption? However when you’ve announced an ambitious festival collab and a new TV show you probably have better things to do.

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