Ozzy Osbourne Returns To The Site of His Infamous Public Urination Arrest

Ozzy Osbourne has returned to The Alamo, or more specifically the scene of his now infamous 1982 arrest for urinating on a public monument dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives in the 1836 Texas Revolution, which is just down the road in San Antonio Texas.

What brings him back to the site of his inebriated episode of public pissery? An attempt at helping his son Jack Osbourne build some semblance of career as a TV Presenter via his forthcoming History Channel travelogue show of course.

You know ‘cos nothing screams history like the son of rock’s least coherent figure parading his old man through the various locales of interest in his career.

Things soon derailed however, with word of the secret visit getting out and Ozzy and son being mobbed by hordes of fans. “I think [Ozzy] was a little overwhelmed,” Stephen L Hardin, the Osbourne’s tour guide for the visit told The San Antonio Express News. “The plan was for them to just fly in under the radar … for Jack and Ozzy to be like regular tourists.”

The first time Osbourne has returned to the landmark in over 33 years since the incident, Ozzy and jack took a tour of the shrine with Jack joking that “this is my first time here, not his.”

The visit also included a brief stop at City Hall to visit District 1 Councilman Roberto Treviño, who met with the father and son after Jack made an open-records request for his father’s 1982 arrest report.

While this might be the first time Ozzy has returned the scene of his original crime, it is not the first time he has revisited The Alamo, having made amends with the city of San Antonio back in 1996 after donating $10,000 to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the group that maintains and manages the Alamo. This followed a 10 year ban on Osbourne from performing in the city following the 86 incident.

Check out the news footage and interview of this historic apology below, alongside footage of Ozzy and Jack get mobbed at the monument.

Watch: Ozzy Osbourne – Ozzy Returns To The Alamo 1992 News Report

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