Ozzy Osbourne Working on “Really Special” New Album

Epic Records exec Sylvia Rhone has confirmed that Ozzy Osbourne is working on a “really special” new album, following the aging rocker’s solo performance at Epic Fest over the weekend.

Speaking to Billboard, Rhone went on to add that, “It’s going to be amazing. It’s something Ozzy has never done before that he’s always wanted to do.”

This announcement follows the release last year of Osbourne’s Memoirs Of A Madman compilation, a collection of songs spanning the singer’s long career of outlandish antics and amazing music. The release was intended as a reminder to fans that Osbourne has no intentions of putting an end to his solo career, even though has has spent the last couple of years recording and touring with Black Sabbath again.

The album would be the first since 2010’s Scream, which saw Osbourne writing largely on computers for the first time, recording most of it on his own with producer Kevin Churko. And while Rhone’s comments about Ozzy doing something he has never done before are exciting, Ozzy’s own comments since the release of Scream hint toward the singer working with a band again.

Speaking to Pulse Of Radio, he mentioned that while he enjoyed the process working on Scream, for the follow up he would like to “go rehearse and jam out with the band, get some, like, vibe going, you know. I want to incorporate that and this new technology thing.”

What does this mean for Black Sabbath though, I hear you ask? The last we heard was that a final album and tour due from the band in 2016, according to Ozzy, however there is no news yet as to whether Ozzy’s solo work will interfere with those plans.

Black Sabbath have however had to cancel their headlining appearance at Ozzfest Japan in November, being replaced by an Ozzy & Friends show, set to feature Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler and a triple header of legendary guitarists, with Tom Morello, Zakk Wylde and Dave Navarro all on board, with a drummer not yet been named.

The cancellation may be related to guitarist Tony Iommi’s ongoing battle with cancer, or Ozzy and Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward’s ongoing war of words, although no reason for the cancellation has been issued.

However with the line-up of talent he’s pulled in for the Ozzfest show, here’s hoping the new album might be an all-star affair.

You can watch some of the highlights of Ozzy spraying the crowd with foam from the Epic Fest show below.

Watch: Ozzy Osbourne Performs At Epic Fest 2015

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