P Diddy The Latest Victim Of Celebrity ‘S.W.A.Tting’

Man, I wish more A-list celebrities lived in Australia because swatting sounds awesome. P Diddy is the latest such celebrity to be caught on the wrong side of the fade that seems to be taking off around the world.

Police received an anonymous phone call tipping them off to a shooting at the residence of a one P. Diddy resulting in a 15-man strong SWAT team rocking up to the California property. Not too long after that they realised it was all a hoax, and didn’t seem too impressed. According to, an LAPD spokesperson stated “”What if someone came out of the house abruptly and didn’t heed the officers? They might have been hurt.” Lame.

With just one phone call, pranksters can unleash hell on just about anyone they chose. Fortunately it tends to be those who are in need of a reality check anyone including but not limited to The Biebs, Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton, Chris Brown and the Kardashian family.

So far, a 12-year-old dude has been arrested after they traced The Biebs one back to him so there is an element of risk involved but still…for the lols.

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