Pair Front Court Over Plan To Rob And Murder Joss Stone

You may remember back in June of 2011 when UK’s soulful songstress Joss Stone was on the wrong end of a devious plan – a group of crooks had arranged to not only steal the musician’s fortune, but also murder her. Needless to say, the plot fell through, with two men being arrested on her remote property in south-west England. Those two men have now had their day in court, revealing some fairly fucked-up information.

The two men, Junior Bradshaw, 32, and Kevin Liverpool, 35, were busted after locals in the area noticed them acting fairly suspect in a vehicle and the police were quickly called. The men made it all the way from their home in the north of England to Stone’s residence where she was residing at the time, but made it no further. In the car, the police discovered all sorts of kidnapping paraphernalia including a hammer, a lock knife and even a sword. Holy shit.

After raiding the suspects’ house, police found a crossbow, and handwritten notes explaining in great detail how to dispose of a body in a river, according to Contact Music. They’re going to have a tough time explaining that to a judge.

The court has also heard that the two were acting on behalf of a group who had been scheming for 6 months to steal the singers £10 million fortune prior to killing her, but the judge seemed indifferent to the rest of the gang:

“We don’t know who the others are but that does not matter. Your concern is whether these two were part of the plot. It doesn’t matter what part they took or planned to take… Joss Stone is an extremely wealthy young woman.”

When are crims gonna learn that pop stars are seriously a lot harder to kill than you’d think? Both men deny any plans to do anything illegal, of course. The trial continues.

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