Panic! At The Disco Are About To Announce Something, And It Might (But Probably Won’t) Be A Cult

UPDATE: Panic! At The Disco have delivered two very creepy videos bearing the numerals IX XXII. Though they seem to be raising more questions (and goosebumps) than answers.

Well then, if you were hoping for a Panic-free Tuesday, you’re going to have to wait for next week. Panic! At The Disco are up to something — it’s not particularly clear what, but it is for sure giving off cultish vibes.

The band’s socials have been updated with an image depicting a triangle, not unlike that used by the ~Illumanti~, which could very well prove relevant. The all seeing eye is in there, a crescent moon and the sun. There is also the roman numerals IX XXII which makes 9/22, which is tomorrow.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: Panic!’s 2008 hit Nine In The Afternoon contains the lyrics “Your eyes are as bright as the moon.” Hmmm…

The band have already released an album this year, January’s Death Of A Batchelor, so… is this the Nine In The Afternoon cult or something?

Fans are being encouraged to sign up for ~something~ on the band’s website, with many of us just blindly following the prompts to do so. Judging by the comments, no fan is too sure what they just signed up for but, too late now.

Catch Panic! At The Disco’s latest social media posts, below. The band will tour Australia in January 2017.

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