Panic! At The Disco Tease Something For “Tomorrow” In Creepy Videos

If you thought yesterday’s Panic! At The Disco developments were strange, hoo boy, just wait until you see what the band have been up to today. Two bizarre AF videos have started doing the rounds, both alluding to something happening “tomorrow”, and something big at that.

It’s hard to tell right now if it will be a new album, new track or if Brendon Urie has somehow managed to successful summon Satan to the mortal coil — an impressive feat if true.

Panic! have shared a video which is a total crossover between Signs and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For a second it sounds like music might be playing in the background, but who knows, really.

The second video lends a lot of credibility to the whole summoning Satan thing. It’s also very, very, very American Horror Story. Child sacrifices, a horned figure draped in shadow and a filming camera. You’re up to something, Urie.

Both posts encourage fans to “join us” and submit their email and other various bits of useful information. Again, it seems no one is sure what they just signed up to, but everyone is keen to see what eventuates.

Watch Panic! At The Disco’s two creepy new teaser videos, below.

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