Panic! At The Disco Fans Are Being Sent Holy Water In The Mail

Music marketing campaigns seem to only get wackier but Panic! At The Disco‘s latest stunt is really taking it to the next level.

Fans of the band are reporting on social media that they have been sent packages that include bottles of holy water.

The white bottles, that contain actual holy water, have “Pray For The W!cked” written on them with “3:21” under that.

Fans know that it’s the band sending the packages because it went to a grandmother of a fan and she Googled the address it came from. It came up as frontman Brendan Urie’s fan mail address.

The band recently shared a cryptic teaser video on Instagram story which teased the date 19th March. It also had the numbers “3:19”.

Fans have been speculating that this is all leading towards new music which will eventually arrive on 19th March.

Panic! haven’t confirmed anything though, focussing on dropping cryptic clues. nothing,nowhere fans noted that they received flyers after a show in Cleveland that said “3:19” which they thought could be connected to this current Panic! campaign.

The last Panic! album Death Of A Bachelor was released back in 2016. We’re just going to have to wait and see whether this quirky marketing campaign leads to a new album.

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