Papa Vs. Pretty Get Dark In New Music Video ‘My Life Is Yours’

Papa Vs. Pretty have made sure you don’t forget their latest single, My Life Is Yours or the accompanying video clip any time soon. Making a noticeable sonic left-turn, My Life Is Yours takes shape as a conventional acoustic ballad, that is of course until shit gets real.

The track is an emotional crescendo, ever-building until it reaches its ultimate climax, with the visuals revealing unseen layers of depth in the track. Together they could very well be an extremely short episode of Black Mirror. Beginning with your standard suburban hostage situation, My Life Is Yours doesn’t take long to get all David Lynch-esque and weird, requiring a fair amount of focus–sure to enthral even the toughest of indie rock’s judges.

The tune is a sneak peak at the darker side of the group’s sophomore album, White Deer Park, which is expected to drop early next year. The album had the band hopping between studios under the watchful gaze of producer Dave Trumfio (Wilco and My Morning Jacket).

Late last month, the band began teasing the new material, confirming that they will be officialy launching My Life Is Yours in Sydney and Melbourne.

Watch: Papa Vs. Pretty – My Life Is Yours

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