Paramore’s Hayley Williams Releases Self-Shot Video Of ‘Still Into You’ Vocal Session

A video released from the personal iPhone of Paramore’s Hayley Williams has lent serious credibility to talk that she is, in fact, the songbird of our generation. With no pitch-correction technology, or noisy instruments to cover up the imperfections, most bands would shudder at the thought of welcoming fans into the vocal booth, but not Paramore.

Filmed when they were tracking their mega hit Still Into You, the below clip gets up close and personal with the band’s adored frontwoman. Other than a bit of headphone bleed, there’s no other noise bar William’s damn-near perfect vocals.

The video came with a message from William who explains:

“This is literally the entire first vocal take I did for Still Into You in the studio last year. I took it on my iPhone and was saving it for the right time to post. Hope you like it! Sorry about all the weird faces and the dancing awkwardly all by myself.”

Still Into You already has an official music video but much like Paramores acoustic clips, this is sure to get a right flogging.

Watch: Hayley Williams laying first vocal track for Still Into You

(Via Alt Press)

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