Paul Kelly Fans Want You To #PutYourGravyOut For National Gravy Day

Since its 1998 release, Paul Kelly‘s iconic Christmas tune How To Make Gravy has become permanently embedded in the Australian psyche, so much so that its lyrical date of December 21st (that’s today for those playing at home) has become affectionately known as National Gravy Day.

On this deeply significant holiday — observed by all Australians regardless of race, religion or dietary requirements — YouTube streams of How To Make Gravy always hit critical levels…

… while that gravy-obsessed Paul Kelly parody Twitter account rears its meaty head once again to pronounce the arrival of the glorious occasion:

But this year, a group of Paul Kelly superfans are taking their love of the Aussie troubadour — and gravy — to a whole new level, kickstarting a brand new social media campaign urging locals to #PutYour GravyOut in honour of this rich & creamy cultural festivus.

Chatting to Music Feeds about his motivations for dreaming up this new gravy gambit, the #PutYourGravyOut movement’s mastermind Sam Miles tells Music Feeds: “There’s two things that I think we should always celebrate. Great Australians, and brilliant condiments. Enough said. Seriously though, Paul is amazing and any excuse to chuck his discography on repeat for the day is a great one.”

Miles adds that he was inspired to create the movement, which follows on from the tradition of other viral social media campaigns such as the #PutOutYourOnions movement in honour of ousted PM Tony Abbott.

“Paul is my favourite artist of all time and in my opinion How to Make Gravy is the greatest Christmas song ever written,” he explains. “I was talking with my mates Macca and Matt who often hold Hot Topic debates on Facey, with such fiery topics like ‘What is the greatest ever performance by a celebrity in a charity sports match?’ or ‘What is the greatest pizza topping of all time?’.

“We decided that in honour of Paul Kelly Day we should today ask: ‘What is the greatest Paul Kelly Song of all time?’. That’s when Matt came up with the idea to #PutYourGravyOut. We just thought that with all the viral political and marketing campaigns getting around social media these days we thought it’d be nice to get behind something that connects with every Aussie who loves Paul Kelly, Christmas and Gravy. In that order.”

And they’re calling on all brown-blooded Aussies to hop onboard the gravy train in honour of The Great Man, who’s even retweeted Macca’s OG post putting out his own gravy (below).

“All gravies are acceptable,” Miles clarifies. “My take on PK’s song is that his recipe is just a guide, that’s how the protagonist would make the gravy however whats important is that someone is indeed making the gravy.

“Personally my favourite type of gravy is nothing but a bit of flour, salt, red wine and a dollop of tomato sauce for sweetness and that extra tang,” he continues. “I’m joking. I’ve tried to follow PK’s recipe but can’t make it work. Just add flour and salt to the fat in the bottom of the roasting tray, stir in a little love and you’ve got the perfect topping for roast lamb and spuds.”

And on the hot topic of gravy: “My favourite gravy story actually involves my mates Macca and Matt funnily enough,” Miles says, unfolding the most ‘Strayan story we’ve heard all bloody week:

“We were on the train down to Melbourne for the cricket. Anyway, we’d snuck a few hand grenades (VB throwdowns) onto the train to get in the mood for a cracking day at the G. We grabbed a meal from the dining cart which was actually a microwave roast beef and vegies (not ideal but we needed a feed) and of course the dish was topped with gravy. Anyway, Macca was trying to juggle sneaking a beer, eating his meal and snap chatting when he dropped the meal and spilt gravy all over the seats. Matt didn’t even flinch, just started making the “toot toot’ movement with his arm and said ‘All aboard the Gravy Train’. The whole dining cart exploded into a roar of laughter and as I wiped the tears from my eyes all I could think was “what a bloody ripper call”.

So there you go m8s. #PutYourGravyOut tonight in the name of Paul Kelly, Chrissy hols and the nation’s most iconic non-tomato sauce condiment.

Merry bloody Christmas.

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