Paul McCartney Bans Meat And Facebook On Set Of Music Video

Sir Paul McCartney has reportedly banned his production team from consuming meat or accessing Facebook while working on the clip for new single Queenie Eye. Originally intended as a joke, a source told UK’s The Sun that anyone ignoring the rules would assuredly be canned.

Production is taking place at Abbey Road studios where the 71-year-old McCartney’s former groups The Beatles and Wings recorded many of their best known albums. A vegetarian and life-long advocate for animal rights, Macca has forbidden his crew from eating his four-legged pals.

The Sun source stated “It was meant as a joke, but you would be out on your ear if you ignored the memo. Anyone found on Twitter, Facebook or nibbling a ham sandwich would be rejected immediately.”

It’s unknown if the rules extended to Johnny Depp and Sean Penn, who filmed cameos for the clip. This isn’t the first time Sir Paul has requested his employees abstain from meat, requesting all employees working on his performance at the Mosaic Stadium earlier this year be given a vegetarian menu.


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